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Froggy’s Gose To The Doctor – Jonathan London November 1, 2012

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Have you gone to the doctor? If you have read this book. One day Froggy woke up, he thought he was going to get a shot from the doctor. He hopped to the kitchen “FROGGY TIME FOR BREAKFAST” his mom said. “After breakfast we are going to Dr.Mug Wort.” When they got there he saw his friend Frogalina. Their moms were talking. They were having fun. Froggy repeat pages out of a magazines  and making paper air planes”Froggy” called the nurse Froggy flopped into the doctors office. Froggy was going to put on a robe “mom I forgot to wear underwear” said Froggy “I can fix that” said his mom and she did and they sat down and waited for the doctor. This book is good because it tells you about the doctor .It also tells you should go to the doctor once in a while. I recommend this book to people who like Froggy books. Jonthan London is a great author.

Reviewed by Hannah B. Age 8


Leonardo the Terrible Monster By:Mo Willems

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  This monster is not scary.But he is funny!Leonardo can’t scare anyone because he is a terrible monster.Plus!He doesn’t have a lot of teeth like Tony.And he isn’t tall like Eleanor.Also he isn’t weird like Hector.So pretty soon he goes on a search.He looks through books everywhere.And then he finds the perfect candidate.And that is Sam.Sam is the most scaredy cat boy in the world.So one day Leonardo snuk up on the poor boy.And scared Sam with all he had.Until Sam cried.Leonardo started saying”I did it!I did it!Until Sam stood up and said in a crumy voice”No you didn’t.”Then Leonardo asked why he was crying.Then Sam blurted out this whole story of what’s happening in his life.And well you’ll have to read it to find out the ending…
Well do you know what Leonardo is?Funny,I’ll tell you that for a fact.This book is great!This book has to be one of Mo Willems best books.Read this book and assure you your life will change.
I recommend this book to my grandma’s neighbor’s Lynnzie and Leah.And I recommend this book to people who like Mo Willems books.
Breanna age:9


Thidwick The Big Hearted Moose By Dr Seuss

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 Do you have a big heart? Yes! No! Sometimes! Well Thidwick does.  At beginning of the story about 60 moose walked around looking for moose moss to munch. Thidwick (one of the moose) staggered past a bug.”Can I ride on your horns?” The bug asked.”Sure”,said Thidwick. Before Thidwick new it there was a bug,a spider,a bobcat,a fox,a wood pecker,two birds,three mice,a beehive,four squirrels, and a bear on his horns.The other 59 moose said if you leave those animals on your head we don’t want you around! When it was winter the moose had to go to the other side of the lake. When it was winter the moose had to go to the other side of the lake. When Thidwick stepped in the lake all of the animals yelled “STOP”! They yelled stop because all of the animals didn’t want to leave their old home’s side of the lake.The bug said the people who want to go yell AYE! The people who want to stay yell NAY! AYE! Yelled Thidwick. NAY!!!! Yelled every body else. Then Thidwick saw something…bullets came zinging past him! He darted away! He got stopped at the end of a cliff. Read to find out what happens next.
My book is the best because it makes people ask questions. Dr.Seuss makes up words like Lake Winna-Bango and Zinna-a-zu bird. Those words make his books much much better. Dr. Seuss also has lots of dot dot dots that give his books more suspens. The pictures in his books are really really good.(expcially the last page) My book makes the reader have feelings. When I read the part about Thidwick getting chased by hunters I felt scared. I felt scared. I felt scared because I didn’t Know if Thidwick would get away from the hunters. My book is the best book ever!
I would recommend this book to my cousins Jillian and Alexa because I know they like Dr. Seuss books and they like funny stories. I would also recommend this book to anybody else who likes Dr. Seuss books.
Book reviewed by Ryan B. Age 8.


Ella By Camela and Steven D’amico

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Bam! Boom! Kapow! Ella is getting bullied! Is this going to stop? Read to find out.
It starts in a place that’s very foggy and Ella moves in. When she goes downstairs to help her mother unpack she finds a box. She has never seen it before and it’s for her! She tries on a hat in the box and she loves it! She starts to wear it to her new school everyday. She starts to get bullied by Belinda Blue because of her hat. One day Ella was eating her lunch and… Bam!!! A ball hits Ella’s head! “Do you want to play?’ asked Belinda in a snobby voice. Ella tossed it back. Belinda didn’t throw it back. It was on the school safety wall! Belinda gets it and she slips! It’s shocking what happens in the end.
This book talks about being friends with everyone! Everyone should be brave because what Ella did was! She was herself at all times by wearing her hat. She was a nice girl. You can really tell at the end!
I recommend this book to all teachers and classes because it talks about bullying. I also recommend this book to Mya, Breanna, and Breanna’s friend Ryce.

Reviewed by: Shoshana K.


Dino Baseball.By Lisa Wheeler

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Have you ever played baseball what was your position.One day there was a Dino-Baseball game going on and they flip the coin and the Sox’s won the toss and the blue Dino was up to hit and hit a home run! and the score is 1 to 0 and red Dino is up to hit and the base’s were loaded and he hit a home run and the score is 4 to 1 and that’s what made them get points. The Sox’s are taking the field and purple Dino is throws the ball and hits it at the pitcher and gets him out 2 feet away from the bag.And the game is over and the Sox’s won they won the season. It was a great win the Sox’s won the season and came in first place. It was great when the fans got off their feet and celebrated. When they hit home runs and that’s what made them have points. I recommend this book to a kindergartener or any body else that likes Dino-Baseball books.

Reviewed by: Nolan Ransome
age 9


Christopher Columbus by:Stepen Krensky

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Have you ever wondered about Christopher Columbus?If you have you should read this book!One day the Nina/Pinta/Santa Maria set of to sea.They keep and keep on wondering about dieing.And there’s big waves/thundering and it’s pouring rain!Then they find indians on a island!Then they give them some necklaces/clothing/food.Then they forced six indians to come with them.then one boat crashes and the people die there.But when they get there they still have all six indians and two boats.But when he died he did not know how good his discover was.Now still stands a statue of him.I recommend this book to Riley and other people who likes Christopher Columbus/history/indians/action. Reviewed by Kadance k 8 years old


How the Grinch Stole Christmas! By:Dr.Seuss

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The noise,noise,noise the noise that The Grinch hates!If you hate noise this is the book for you!

One little night down in Who Ville The Grinch who hated Christmas just stood there!He was just listening to all the music down there!All of the Whoes were having so much fun just playing music,feasting,and espetialy the singing Christmas carols around the tree!So the Grinch got an awful plan to steel Christmas!He got a coustume and dressed up as Santa Clause!He found his dog Max,and dressed him up as a raindeer with antlers!Then he found a sleigh and then loaded it up with some bags!So he went on his way to a Whoes house,got a bag and climbed down the chimny,(like Santa Clause would), and stole the Whoe’s Christmas items!So a little Who that was no more then two woke up and caught the Grinch stuffing their tree up the chimny!(The little Whoes name is Cindy-Lou who.)So he gave her a glass of water and sent her off to bed!And for the rest of the night The Grinch went to the other Whoe’s houses and stole all of their Christmas items too!So when he was finally done he raced his sleigh up to the top of Mt.Crumpit,(a cliff),to dump it all out!And then by morning the Whoes wake up and the Grinch would hope for them to be sad!But instead when they woke up they started singing!So then the Grinch din’t throw everything off of the cliff!He stopped,he listened,and then he relized that Christmas just meant a little bit more!So he then put everything back were it belongs!And so just to celabrate the Whoes let the Grinch cut the turkey!
My great thing is that Grinch had a plan to steel Christmas and dreesed his dog Max up in a raindeer coustume and went off to steel everybodys Christmas items!But in the middle of his evil sceem a little girl named Cindy Lou caught the Grinch!But the Grinch lied to her and then he stuffed everything into a big sack!And then he got to his finallal part were he egxactly wanted to throw everything off of the cliff!But then the Whoes started singing,and then at first the Grinch din’t understand.But then he had it!Christmas isn’t just about presents,it’s just a little bit perhaps more!
I recomend this book to people who love holadays.And for people who love books about theifs and mysterys.

Reviewed by Mya Hinora! Age 9!