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Peyton Manning Football Star Reviewed by Austin Allen November 6, 2012

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Do you like Peyton manning? Well then read this book it has a lot of imformation so read this book.
Peyton manning plays for the Indinanpolis Colts (he now plays for the browncos). In 2004 he thru 49 tuchdown passes “wow I din’t know enyone could thow that many passes in one year.” Peyton’s brother is a quarterback he plays for the New York Giant’s. Peyton won a national football award for how good he was. He got a M.V.P and he was a all star and a prowball star. This year he moved to the browncos team I was sad.
It tells about what team he plays for the Colts. Tells that he was a prowball star and he was a M.V.P and that he was an all star player. It has a lot of imformation like who his brother is and that he was a M.V.P and read the book to find out more. And it has a realy good ending.
I would recommend this book to my dad because he likes the colts.
Reviewed by: Austin A.
Age: 8


4 Responses to “Peyton Manning Football Star Reviewed by Austin Allen”

  1. Abbie Sutton Says:

    Aww…..Austin you did such a good job! I am so proud of you!
    Love ~MOM

  2. Lindy Eversole Says:

    Austin, You did an awesome review. I will get this book for Grandpa Freddy. I know he will like it too. Love, Grandma Lindy

  3. Deb Eversole Says:

    Good review Austin, you are awesome dude! Love ya, grandma Deb.

  4. Brice Eversole Says:

    Good job Austin. That was really good. You did an awesome job. Love uncle Brice

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