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Oobleck.By Dr.Suess November 1, 2012

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splat! If you want to be stuck in Oobleck all day,That is sticky stuff,green,gooey,nasty,outrages,contagious!One day in the Kingdom Of Didd a sat in his chair thinking and thinking about something else to fall from the sky. oh my! Something happened that night in the montain.hummm…6 days later in the kingdom of Didd it happened!It came down an down everybody got stuck!No this can not be happening!!It is!I do not want this!Make it go away!He wanted it to go away!!!!!!!’Help!!’STOP!!’ POOOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!It went away!Everybody was happy!!
This book has detail and has great picturse.It also great birst words!!
I recommend this book to people who like Dr.suess books.
Reviewed by: Jason S.
age: 8


One Response to “Oobleck.By Dr.Suess”

  1. Mrs. Stouder Says:

    Jason- your book review really makes me want to read this book! I love the beginning and all your cool punctuation uses. Great job!

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