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cat in the hat by D.r.Seuss’. November 1, 2012

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Bump! “What’s that”? who’s there? It’s the cat…In the hat! “aaaah!” “So you want to play?” OK let’s play” here comes thing 1 and thing 2″ Thing 1 and Thing 2 trashed the house! Conrad and Sally tried to catch them! Then cat in the hat captured them and cleaned the whole house. Mom came home. Conrad and Sally were at the window watching the rain. I think this book is interesting because it’s by Dr. Seuss. I recommend this book to people who like Dr. Seuss books like Cat in the Hat. Reviewed by Westley. Age 9


One Response to “cat in the hat by D.r.Seuss’.”

  1. Katie Says:

    I think this book is so much fun to read. The Cat in the Hat sure can cause a lot of trouble! Thank you for the review

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