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November 7, 2012

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our blog!  During this school year, you will be reading stories, reviews, opinions, and projects by students  in my classroom!  I am very excited to give my students another way to publish their wonderful ideas and work!  Thanks for visiting our blog and let us know what you think and what you have enjoyed.  Looking forward to great works to come……………

Mrs. Kathy Garber


Peyton Manning Football Star Reviewed by Austin Allen November 6, 2012

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Do you like Peyton manning? Well then read this book it has a lot of imformation so read this book.
Peyton manning plays for the Indinanpolis Colts (he now plays for the browncos). In 2004 he thru 49 tuchdown passes “wow I din’t know enyone could thow that many passes in one year.” Peyton’s brother is a quarterback he plays for the New York Giant’s. Peyton won a national football award for how good he was. He got a M.V.P and he was a all star and a prowball star. This year he moved to the browncos team I was sad.
It tells about what team he plays for the Colts. Tells that he was a prowball star and he was a M.V.P and that he was an all star player. It has a lot of imformation like who his brother is and that he was a M.V.P and read the book to find out more. And it has a realy good ending.
I would recommend this book to my dad because he likes the colts.
Reviewed by: Austin A.
Age: 8


cat in the hat by D.r.Seuss’. November 1, 2012

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Bump! “What’s that”? who’s there? It’s the cat…In the hat! “aaaah!” “So you want to play?” OK let’s play” here comes thing 1 and thing 2″ Thing 1 and Thing 2 trashed the house! Conrad and Sally tried to catch them! Then cat in the hat captured them and cleaned the whole house. Mom came home. Conrad and Sally were at the window watching the rain. I think this book is interesting because it’s by Dr. Seuss. I recommend this book to people who like Dr. Seuss books like Cat in the Hat. Reviewed by Westley. Age 9


The magic school bus goes up stream Joanna Cole

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   Have you ever been to a fish fry with your class?  The kids from Ms.Frizzles room are going on a field trip. Ralphie caught Ms.Frizzle! Then Ms.Frizzle said “lets take the boat under water and look for some fish”. They still didn’t see any fish when they were under water. But they saw a shark, the shark was 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. Ralphie thought she was going to be eaten by the shark.  My book is so great because it was so intense. When they go fishing they don’t see any fish. When Ralphie thinks she going to be eaten, that is a funny part. I recommend this book to anyone you likes Magic School Bus books. You will enjoy the book.

Reviewed by Blayne S.                       
Age 9                                                    


Oobleck.By Dr.Suess

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splat! If you want to be stuck in Oobleck all day,That is sticky stuff,green,gooey,nasty,outrages,contagious!One day in the Kingdom Of Didd a sat in his chair thinking and thinking about something else to fall from the sky. oh my! Something happened that night in the montain.hummm…6 days later in the kingdom of Didd it happened!It came down an down everybody got stuck!No this can not be happening!!It is!I do not want this!Make it go away!He wanted it to go away!!!!!!!’Help!!’STOP!!’ POOOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!It went away!Everybody was happy!!
This book has detail and has great picturse.It also great birst words!!
I recommend this book to people who like Dr.suess books.
Reviewed by: Jason S.
age: 8


SuperDog by caralynn buehner

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The books about a little Dachsund that gets bullied all the time and he wants to become a super dog he ends up being one.He saves a grandma’s purse because a thief dog steels it.He also saves a puppy but that’s not the end of the story.He gets bullied by a cat named cleevis. Graber lead/ If you like super dogs and comic books read this book to find out more. “The story is funny and awesome it has a in the comic front.if you read the story right it will be interesting to. I recommend this book to anyone who likes super dogs and comic books. reviewed by Dylan Lemish.”I’m also 8 years old.


George Washington and the General’s dog By Frank Murphy

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If you like  history you should read this book. George Washington was an interesting president. Because he always stud up  for his self. He also LOVE animals!  When George grew up he moved  to a farm called  Mount Vernen.And he would go checks on his horses,hogs,oxen,mules,sheep,and dogs.And he liked to spend time with his wife and his animals.And just to tell you he was our first president. and he was born in 1732 and died in 1799! And he also had two children

It tells about when general Washington became good friends with General Howe. And it has wonderful pictures.

I’m recommending this book to 4th and 5th graders.because they have to learn history and it will be good to learn from.
And Dylan because he likes reviewed by Riley V. Age eight